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Do you need Estrogen?

50% of women who need Progesterone also need Estrogen.

To find out if you’re one of them, scroll down and fill out the survey that best fits your situation. We will let you know immediately!¬†

Female Lifetime Hormonal Cycle Questionnaires

Category 1: For those with ovaries and uterus:

  1. PMS before your period starts
  2. Heavier than normal periods with clotting
  3. Periods are becoming more normal after being heavy for some time
  4. Beginning to skip periods
  5. No periods

Category 2: For those with ovaries but no uterus:

  1. Ages 20-35
  2. Ages 35-45
  3. Ages 45 and over

Category 3: For those with a uterus but no ovaries and those with neither uterus nor ovaries:

  1. All ages
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